Four Paws in Heaven Poetry

Q-Tip Left Today


Somewhere beyond there is a place
That's filled with flying wings.
A silver star becomes a perch
Where Flippytail now sings.

And Prettyboy's dear little voice
Keeps saying, "Pretty bird."
And in the distance
Doodle's bell-like calls can still be heard.

And all the feathered friends I've known
And loved throughout the years
Are gathered in this happy place
Untouched by pain or fears.

And Blinky waits to welcome
All of those who come to stay.
And oh I hope there's such a place
For Q-Tip left today.

July 1976

  from "More Poetry of Guila Manchester," Book 2, 2nd Printing
© Guila Manchester. Thank you to Joan Jenrich, publisher, for permission to reprint Guila Manchester's poetry on the Four Paws in Heaven website.

Rose Decoration

This page is dedicated to the memory of Guila Manchester, founder of Humanitarians of Florida and a very dear friend to all animals. Guila crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on June 9, 2000.