Four Paws in Heaven Poetry Pages
Lost Friend (Heaven's Gate)

My best friend died last night in her sleep,
Curled in a ball as she slept at my feet.
There is a hole in my heart, once filled by her affection,
Her life spent by my side, with my happiness her only direction.
It pains me to know my tomorrows will be without her,
The reason she has gone, there can be just one answer.
She guards Heaven's Gates with those gone before,
Waiting for her family to pass through the door.
She watched over the family, steadfast and strong,
An act of selflesness her entire life long.
My pain since the day my friend has been gone,
Is calmed by the knowledge, her Soul watches on.

© J. Conklin
In memory of his Dobee, Skinny

A grateful "thank you" to J. Conklin for permission to post this beautiful poem.