Four Paws in Heaven Poetry Pages
How Lucky

So many thoughts have been inspired
By the loss of a pet from earth retired.
My mind and heart still hug him within
That's why I write these words about him.
For even though he has gone away
The memories like music continue to play.
The music I hear is ever so sweet
With a comforting, soft and soothing beat.
Like the angelic voice of Sarah Brightman
Thoughts of him and my mood just lightens.
The thought of him brings twinkling eyes,
The thought of him turns frowns to smiles.
I look at his picture upon my desk
I think to myself he was the best!
So lucky was I to have such a pet
So lucky was I the two of us met.

— Judy Schulte

Written by Judy Schulte in memory of Winnie, and included here with her permission.