Tex Doerr

In Loving Memory of
(Texas Jane)

Beloved Pet of
Kathy Doerr

Born April 1976
Died April 15, 1993

Dunedin, Florida


    My precious Tex, I loved you so much and still mourn for you.
    I still chuckle when I picture you jumping into the river from the jon boat, thinking that the duckweed was solid ground! The expression of surprise on your face when you felt water instead was priceless! And how you'd "dive" underwater to dig up clams at the Skyway.... and the time you beat us all back to the boat when someone hollered "Shark!" You loved the water and the woods, and I'm so glad we were able to live on Weedon Island for a time and take our evening nature walks.
    We'll be together again one day...


Your suffering shall end soon,
though mine has just begun.
I do not want to let you go,
But Iím told the time has come.

Iíll hold you while you go to sleep,
and wish that I could too–
I do not want to say goodbye;
I want to go with you.

Sleep now, my precious baby,
Dream of your favorite toy,
And hide ní seek and tug of war–
Those games that brought us joy.

Iíll think how very blessed I've been
For all the years we've shared,
I'd not trade them for anything–
Though this heartbreak would be spared.

© 1993 Kathy Doerr

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