Samantha Doerr

In Memory of

Beloved Companion
Kathy Doerr

Born October 1983
Died March 26, 2001

Sebring, Florida


    You used up your first life that Halloween night I found you, lying on the side of the road, injured from being hit by a car. You were so tiny, you just barely fit in my hand. Of course, I planned on finding you a good home when you recovered, but when you slept in your litterbox and went to the bathroom in your bedding, I knew you were a keeper. I never regretted it.
   We went through a lot together over the years. You were always "my baby," and you always will be.
   I miss you racing me to claim your spot on my computer chair...I miss you chasing Lady (I think she does too!)...I miss you sleeping on my head at night...I just miss you all the time. It's silent here without you chatting to your "toy" at bedtime.
You know I wasn't ready to let you go, Sam, but you're not suffering anymore. I know you loved me, too, and we'll be together again one day.
   "Love ya, Sammy."

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