Gypsy Doerr Memorial

In Memory of

Beloved Companion
Kathy Doerr

Born 1985
Adopted May 6, 1988
Died November 30, 1999

Largo, Florida


    Gypsy, you brought me so much joy and love. There's been such a void since you died; I miss you laying across my knee, miss how you'd scamper through the house when you'd get all wound up. I can only find comfort in knowing you're not suffering any more.
    You started out as a neighborhood stray, and what a loss it would have been had I not found you at animal control after you disappeared, because they would have considered you unadoptable and killed you soon. You spent a week or two tearing up my window shades, but after that you became the perfect cat, so sweet and loving, and so content to be in the house. No one would shoot you with BB's any more, no one would harm you in any way, and I honestly believed you realized that and were grateful. But I was the lucky one!
    Had your years as a stray not compromised your health, I think maybe you'd still be here. I had thought of planting a tree in your memory, but a more lasting tribute to you is to help other strays, by becoming actively involved in the issue of pet overpopulation, and saving strays. I'm working on that, sweetheart!

11/01—Gypsy, I'm fulfilling my promise—this is dedicated to you:

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