In Loving Memory of Ginger

In Loving Memory of
Ginger (Snap)

Beloved Companion
of Stephen

Born June 17, 1992
Died December 9, 2003

Tallahassee, Florida

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Beloved Ginger:
     You were "my" cat from the begining. Why you chose me I will never know. You loved the others but you looked at me with true devotion and love in your eyes. You weren't always easy, you loved to chew on things, especially any cord that dangled. And taking you anywhere was an experience words cannot describe. But, you were the sweetest, most loving cat. From your small tail to your loud voice you always let me know that you loved me. You slept in your spot on my bed and sometimes on my head. You meowed if I forgot to let you in. You had the softest fur and made the best biscuits. You loved to drink water from the sink and get the top of your head wet. You were my petite un tail. I could never replace you. You will always have a place in my heart and a place in our family. We all miss you more than I can say. We send you all of our love, we will remember you always. There will be a void in our hearts where you used to be until the day we are together again.
      With love my beloved, love, Stephen.

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