Ginger's Memorial

In Memory of


Beloved Companion

Born March 12, 1997
Died September 4, 2001

Miami, Florida

Cat Paw Print


   Ginger was my first cat out of 4 other cats. She was beautiful with pearl white fur and lovely blue eyes. She was about 5 when she just passed away, having been run over by a car.
   She meant everything to me. When I was small and had not too many friends, I would talk to her and she would understand and start to rub herself against my legs. She would always come when I called for her and was always a happy cat. Sometimes I wished it hadn't had to happen to her and why not my other cats. But I regret that. It was her time. And I will always miss her and I can still remember the way her quiet meow sounded like. So I talk to her every night cause I know now that she is in a better place and will take care of me and fly over me with her beautiful long white wings as she waits for me up there.
   So Ginger I love you with all my heart and will never ever forget you!
   Your loving owner, Caroline

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