Arm'n Doerr

In Memory of

Beloved Companion
Kathy Doerr

Born 1981
Died September 16, 2000

Sebring, Florida

"Still miss you, Arm'n...I always will."

    I never expected you to live after the car in front of me hit you. But you did. After your clean bill of health from the vet, I tried unsuccessfully to find your "owner." Then soon after that, I tried to find a home for you, but after taking you to the people who wanted you, I couldn't bear to part with you.
   You were so sweet and gentle, and though I don't know how it was possible, you grew even sweeter as the years went by. I miss the way you'd talk to me when I called your name, and your cute way of purring...was music to my ears, and always soothed my soul. Now Sammy has joined you across the Rainbow Bridge; I wonder, does she still pick on you?!
   We had a good life together. You were the healthiest of the three cats, despite your age, and you left so fast and unexpectedly. I know I was blessed to have you for eighteen of your nineteen years, but I wanted more time with you.

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