David Lim and Sirius


 In Memory of

Beloved Partner of David Lim,
one of the last survivors rescued
from the collapsed World Trade Center Towers

Age: 4-1/2 Years
Died on 9-11-01

New York

  The following information comes from an NBC television interview with David Lim in the days following his rescue from the carnage of the second World Trade Center tower that collapsed.
   David Lim and Sirius were assigned to the World Trade Center as the Port Authority's Police K9 Unit Explosive Detector Team. They were partners for 1-1/2 years. The two reported to work in the basement of the World Trade Center building (#2) at 6:00 a.m. on September 11, 2001. When the first plane hit the other tower, David Lim left Sirius in his kennel while he went to investigate the jolt and subsequently race up the stairs to urge people to evacuate the building. When the second plane struck his building, Officer Lim, some firefighters, and an injured woman were trapped in the debris on the fourth floor when the tower collapsed around them as they tried to get out. Five hours later, they were rescued by Rescue Company No. 43.
   Officer Lim broke into tears thinking of all the people and his friends still unaccounted for in the rubble. He closed the interview with these words:
   "I also grieve for my partner, my partner Sirius. I know he's a dog and of course the priority is people, but if you come across my dog, know that he waits for me in his kennel."

   Officer Lim, this is to let you know that we too grieve for the thousands of lives lost in the collapsed buildings, and we include among them one faithful four-legged companion as well who also will not be forgotten.

    More information about Sirius and the recovery of his remains is available at the following link: http://www.graphicintent.com/milaville/sirius.html

    Memorial tributes to Sirius can be found on the Port Authority Police Memorial Tributes page at http://www.portauthoritypolicememorial.org/sirius_tributes.htm.


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