Hammer's Memorial

In Loving Memory of

Beloved Pet of
The Bueter Family

Born October 1991
Died April 25, 2003

Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Cat Paw Print

     My dad said that Hammer was the best damn cat that ever walked the planet. And as I sit here and think about him, I don't think we could put it any other way. He wasn't just a good cat...he was a great cat. But, in time, just like an elderly person things just start quitting in your body. Unfortunately with Hammer it was his liver. It just got the best of him. And although he didn't die naturally...my dad said it is quality of life. All he did was sit around...he didn't eat for the past two weeks. It's just time everyone keeps saying. But why?!? I guess I just never knew how much I loved him until now. Hammer will always be the best damn cat ever!
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