Pizza Pit's Memorial

In Memory of
Pizza Pit

Beloved Companion

Born March 16, 1998
Died August 2000

Olympia, Washington

Cat Paw Print


   Pizza pit. i knew something was wrong. That night I tried to call home to get papa to bring the cats in. He wasn't home. I rushed out there in the morning to get the news. That dog next door got you. I am sorry baby. I miss you a lot. When i found out I fell down and cried all evening. I had to go back to school but Mike came out and drove up with me and stayed with me. I hurt so much with losing you and not getting to say good-bye. I hope you know how much I love you. I will always love you. I buried you next to beamer cause you took care of me and so i knew you would take care of beamer. You also have the texas rock next to your head and also I planted a small pink rose above you. Rest in peace. I'll see you on christmas..i visit you all the time.

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