Bennie's Memorial

In Memory of

Beloved Companion

Born April 5, 1995
Died May 20, 2001

Olympia, Washington


   Hey benster, I wish I could play our game. You were the sweetest bunnie. I miss you benster. I wish I wasn't scared to go out to feed you that night. I blame myself for you dying. It was late and I was scared to go out there with the woods and all. I hope you forgive me. I would do it if we could go back in time.
   Daddy buried you so you had the perfect veiw of Mt. Rainier. We noticed that you always looked at the Mt. so thought that was a perfect location for you. I hope it is. Take care benster. I'll always love you.
   Take care of pizza pit and beamer and they are to take care of you too. Rest in peace and see ya later in time...checkers is up there too..he was my bunnie when i was 8 so he's about 10 years older than you but look for him he'll make a great friend.

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