Beamer's Memorial

In Memory of

Beloved Companion

Born May 30, 1999
Died July 7, 1999

Olympia, Washington

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   Beamer. I was so happy that my mom got me you for my birthday July 6th. I got to spend two days with you since i got you on the 4th. I was lucky to have gotten you. I played with you. You came to me when i was going through a hard time and you made me feel great to hold you and to know that you already had grown attached to me. I left you for a birthday party for me that a friend was throwing me. I came home the next day before my chemo to find you dead on the couch. I picked you up and cried holding you to my heart. You were only the size of my hand. I retired your favorite thing to sleep on. The teddie bear He lays in a box with you. It was so hard to let you go. I miss you beamer. we buried you in the garden with my favorite daisy planted at the top. also my texas rock is there. I visit you often. Hope your teddy bear is keeping you safe and warm.
   Miss ya lovey

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