Linus VanPelt Benton CD Memorial

In Memory of
Linus VanPelt Benton CD

Beloved Companion
David & Ginelle Benton
and sisters Brandy, Sandy and Lucy

Born November 19, 1988
Died June 9, 2001

Woodbridge, Virginia

dog paw print


Smiling Dutchmen, our Fuzzy Friend

The corner of the bedroom is silent where you would sleep on your back.
The window is empty where your smiling face always appeared
Waiting and watching for us to come home.
The food bowl and water dish remains empty.
We keep waiting to hear your bark, but the house is quiet.
Your collar is empty and the lead hangs silent.
WE remember the day that we brought you home.
WE remember that smile that you always gave us.
Your tail was always rolled up on your back.
You would run towards us so happy and carefree,
You always raced us to the top of the stairs at night.
Sitting at my side by the table begging for food
You where always so happy.
WE remember you learned the words "CLEAN UP" fast
Because food was involved.
You always took your medicine without a harsh word.
You always found the time to smell the flowers.
You learned that from me.
I remember the good times we had at dog shows,
Traveling, being together and just going for walks.
Oh how you loved to meet and greet everyone and every dog.
I remember the people you would meet
Telling me they want a dog just like you.
You trusted us to take care and keep you safe.
The time that you spent with us
You have taught us many things.
How not to judge people,
Love every day like it was the first,
And be there when someone needs you.
You where very special to us
And there will never be another one like you.
Our hearts are heavy with sadness and the house is silent.
The smile is lost forever but will remain in our hearts
Until we meet at the Rainbow Bridge.
Today (6-9-2001) Linus Vanpelt Benton CD
Took his last breath to move on to a better place.
He graced us with 12-1/2 years of his life.
He made us smile and sometimes even got us angry.
If we could do anything,
We would want our smiling Dutchmen,
Our Linus boy back.

—Ginelle Benton in memory of Linus
Our Keeshond

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