In Loving Memory of Weebaby

In Loving Memory of

Beloved Companion of
Sandy and Joe

Born February 14, 1989
Died December 28, 2002

Longview, Texas

Dog Paw Print


     i lost my weebaby in december of 2002. she was almost 14 yrs old and like a child to me.i thought i was going to die when i heard the vet say, "she is gone." my husband and i both wept openly. when we came home with her body and word was out that she was gone, the yard filled with cars and dear friends who loved her too. she was a blonde pekingese and loved by one and all. i was told by a friend to "smile for what we had and not cry for what we lost." i just want to say i hope there is room in heaven for our beloved pets, sometimes that is the only thing that keeps me going. this is to my weebaby, "honey you were a blessing to everyone who knew you and i will always have a place in my heart just for you."      your mom, sandy

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