Buster's Memorial

In Memory of

Beloved Companion
Jennifer, Scott,
Lyric and Melody

Born September 25, 1998
Died January 14, 2002

San Antonio, Texas

dog paw print


   We will miss your excitement to see us when we come home from work and school. Scott will miss the way you would curl up in his lap to take a nap, and follow him where ever he went. Lyric and Melody will miss the way you would let them play 'babies' with him. You would just lay there in their arms...almost like you enjoyed it. Or the way that you would lick all over our faces, I acted like it was gross, but I really loved it!!! We'll even miss having to search throughout the neighborhood when you escape from the yard. We were so blessed to have you for the time that we did. There will never be another Buster. You will never be forgotten, and we will love you forever.

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