Phoebe's Memorial

In Memory of

Beloved Companion
Ken Connor

Born 1994
Died December 10, 2001

Vermillion, South Dakota

Cat Paw Print


    What memorable and meaningful things can I say about a friend who has been such a constant source of unconditional love and affection. From the first time we met, I loved you. Your tortoise-shell calico sweetness was the very embodiment of kindness. When the two new kittens came into the house, you took them as if they were your own, nursing them and loving them. What will Paw-paw and Peepers do without you? Why must you go? So soon...oh, so terribly soon.

    Your courage and dignity during your sudden and relentless illness, never a whimper or fret...sweet and kind until the very last minute of your life. There was so little that I could do for you in your illness...It was so painful to watch. Just as you were a very dear part of my life, a very dear part of me has died with you. I miss you dreadfully, yet I know that you are now in a peaceful place, where kind kitties like you, and wonderful dogs like my departed Mishka and Manfred run and play, unfettered by illness and infirmity.

     I never thought that I could hurt as much as I do right now, without you...until I see you again...until I see you again.

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