In Loving Memory of Tangie

In Loving Memory of

Beloved Pet
of Melanie

Born 1995
Died October 1997

York, South Carolina

Cat Paw Print


     Tangie was a timid, gentle, yellow and white kitty with beautiful blue eyes. She was a stray who adopted us. During a visit to the vet to get spayed, Tangie tested positive for feline leukemia. The vet suggested putting her down immediately; however, she was healthy enough at the time, and I couldn't do that to her. I just wanted to cherish her for the time she had left and give her lots of love, Fancy Feast, and a warm bed. In October of 1997 my husband and I went on a weekend camping trip and when we returned, Tangie was gone. We never saw her again. I know Tangie must have gone off into the woods and died during that weekend. Sweet, precious Tangie, we miss you so much! I know you are in Heaven now with Sassy and Grey. Wait for me at the bridge!

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