In Loving Memory of Lizzie

In Loving Memory of

Beloved Pet of

Born March 2002
Died September 24, 2003

Huntingdon, Pennsylvania

Dog Paw Print


     H&A.We miss you. You are not there to meet us at the door with your kisses. I wish the person that hit you with their car would have stopped to say they were sorry. We know she ran into your path, and we forgive you. Our Hearts were broken. You were our Friend that met us every day, we took for Granted that you would always be there to kiss and jump on us! The gate was open and you ran . We got a new puppy named Jennie, she does not take your place . She came to comfort us. We know you are in Doggie Heaven with Katie and Maggie. We have a place where we can go and put Flowers, Mommy & Daddy keep it pretty! Lizzie (my Lizzard ) I will never forget you. I hope you look down and see our new friend Jennie. Fluffy Whiskers misses you. Lizzie, we the entire family misses you! It broke our hearts that we lost you. You are thought of every day. You were a great friend & we miss your sad brown eyes! We wish we could have just one more Doggy kiss. We will never forget you Lizzie, have fun in Doggie Heaven, doggie kiss Katie & Maggie for me!
Love You Forever,
                                H&A and the entire Family!

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