In Loving Memory of

Beloved Pet of
Darlene, Travis, Tiffany,
Jason and Jeremy

Born June 10, 2001
Died June 13, 2003

Uniontown, Pennsylvania


When you first came to live with us
you were such a tiny, fragile one.
I wasn't sure if you would even survive.
With loving care you grew strong
as our hearts grew with fondness for you.
Of all the pets I've known and loved
my bond with you was a special one.
I can still feel the nuzzle of your nose
against my hair and the sound of
your soft purr in my ear and I
still feel the stinging burn of tears
filling up my weary eyes
as they fall slowly down my face
every time I think of you.

Please Note:

Harry was the victim of someone's malicious and immature behavior. He was poisoned with anti-freeze. I will never believe that this was a random act but one of a deliberate and malicious nature. I love animals of all sorts and this cat was and will always be a member of my family. There is a law against cruelty to animals. Harming or killing an animal is a crime. Please if you view this memorial and care about all of God's creatures as I do, speak out against animal abuse in your neighborhood or community. Take a stand and pray for those who commit such atrocities that they may turn from their evil ways. Thank you.


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