In loving memory of Hoagie

In Loving Memory of
Hoagie (Hog)

Beloved Pet of

Birthdate Unknown
Died June 18, 2003

Stryker, Ohio

Cat Paw Print


     I loved Hoag, even though I hadn't known him for all his life, but he in turn loved me, and that showed me alot. He was a very beautiful, calm, and loving cat. White fur, Blue eyes, Orange tipped tail and nose. He was the best cat anyone would want to have, and the most beautiful one too. He was my cat, and I was his master. Even though he lived at my girlfriend's house, he still missed and loved me. Hoag was poisoned by an angry, retarded neighbor that was out of his mind. I'm sure that he will get what's coming to him in return. Miss you always buddy, hope the skies are as white as you are.

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