Amber's Memorial

In Loving Memory of

Beloved Pet of
Kristyn B

Born June 1997
Died February 2003

Cincinnati, Ohio

Dog Paw Print


     Amber was and will always be my little girl. She was only 5-1/2 years old, but in the late summer and fall of 2002 she started to have trouble eating and got very sick, and no matter how many tests were done a diagnosis for her couldn't be made. A few very short months later, on a very cold and rainy day, my Brittany Spaniel, my baby, Amber, was euthanized. She was such a sweet girl, never causing any trouble, always ready to curl up in your lap and listen to you when you were upset. Her soft amber-color eyes would look at you, speaking to you in a way only she could. Her little tail would get wagging so much that her whole backside would follow. During really rough times, she was always there for me, sometimes my only friend. She did nothing to deserve how much pain she suffered, and how short a life she lived. I would do anything and give anything to have her back because the pain of her loss is indescribable. I lost her less than a week before my birthday and she never made it to celebrate the 6th of her own. She loved the outdoors, always curious to see what she could find in the woods, very true to her breed but always unique. She was beautiful in every way. And that's how she should and will be remembered. Beautiful.

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