In Loving Memory of

Beloved Pet of
Carole, Steve, Scott
and Melissa

Born November 2001
Died 11 February 2003

Hamilton, New Zealand


     Our darling little 'Jellicle' Taken from us so soon, you were so young and so cute, we loved you so very much, and you gave us so much love in return. We can't believe you're gone, and miss you so very much, your cute little meow, the way you used to dig up worms and bring them inside, you were a little character.
     Take care sweety, we will meet again at Rainbow Bridge. You did not deserve to die so young, you were always so scared of the road i cannot understand how you got hit, we wished so much we could have been there in your time of need, but little 'JELLICLE' we did not know, it hurts that you have left us, our hearts ache for you baby, but you are forever with us in our hearts, there is a special place under the camelia tree, where we put you, in a lovely decorated box with messages from us all, with your little ball to play with, there are pretty flowers all around you, and we can visit you everyday, don't worry baby you are not alone, love you heaps and miss you forever. love mummy, daddy, melissa, scott and even old ashxxxxxxx

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