In Loving Memory of

Beloved Companion

Born May 1997
Died November 29, 2002

New York, New York


    Coco passed away from renal failure at the age of five. She was my very first fuzzy. Sweet, loving, vivacious, and all of the above. I spoiled her rotten, in the end, with all her favorites like spaghetti, ketchup, apple juice, raisins, and Cheerios. She spent her last night on my shoulder, sleeping peacefully, and whispering cold, wet secrets in my ear. Till we meet again.....I'll miss you!

Top 36 Reasons Why I Love Coco

  1. Stashing feminine pads!
  2. Stashing prescription or medicine bottles
  3. Nibbling and scratching my feet when I am asleep
  4. Cuddling and crawling next to me in bed
  5. Sniffing my face in the morning to wake me up
  6. Licking my stinky toes
  7. Licking water off my finger
  8. Feeding from my hand
  9. Always willing to take food from me, even though you're full
  10. Splashing water all over the bathroom floor
  11. Crawling up my pants unsuspectingly
  12. Going nuts after a bath
  13. Always happy for hugs and kisses
  14. Being a clean freak, always careful not to get too messy and always frantic about cleaning up after eating or drinking
  15. Climbing to strange places in my room
  16. Mysteriously climbing up and into the bath tube just to drink lukewarm water after someone has taken a shower
  17. Being so strong in every situation that arises
  18. Making happy noises when you get excited
  19. Loves to go outside the apartment and run up and down the stairs, left and right all over the 3rd floor and all the other floors as well
  20. Getting all excited when you hear the doorbell or someone coming to the door
  21. Being so tolerant of Scout, your little brother, even when he's being so naughty
  22. Never complaining when you're in pain or not feeling well
  23. Diving for stinky shoes or socks
  24. Yawning for me when I rub your cheeks
  25. Loves digging, playing, running around, and chilling in the park
  26. Always friendly to strangers
  27. Always happy to see me and willing to listen to me
  28. Misses me when I am gone
  29. Loves to pick out food you preferred not to eat
  30. Loves new and exciting smells
  31. Loves snorkeling in my bed and comforter cover
  32. Not afraid of anything, unlike Scout, and always curious
  33. Always following me around for snacks or treats
  34. So brave to undergo teeth cleaning
  35. Wacky favorite treats include spaghetti and ketchup
  36. Coco, you've lived life to the fullest and played your heart out. Now rest little one....
Sweet dreams!
Lisa, Scout, and James

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