In Loving Memory of

Beloved Companion
Karen Banda

Born ? 1995
Died February 9, 2002

Bloomfield, New Jersey


     You were my sweet little guardian angel sent straight from heaven. You found and rescued me when I was at my lowest and needed you most. You never left my side, never let me cry alone, never let me eat or sleep alone. You were always the little angel on my shoulder. You loved me through thick and thin, even when your little body was turning on you and making you so sick and uncomfortable. My little Doc, you left me too soon, barely 7 years old and most of those years you were so ill but still always there for me. I pray you weren't afraid and that I eased your passing in time to save you further pain and that you knew how much I love you. I miss you more and more each day and treasure your memory, pictures and the bit of fur Dr. Laurie snipped for me after you were gone. You're always in my heart, my little Doc Doc. Such a tiny little cat made such a huge difference in my life and left such a large void in my life now that you're gone. I'll never forget you.

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