Chelsea's Memorial

In Loving Memory of

Beloved Companion
of Betsy Schmidt

Birthdate Unknown
Died July 2000

Pitman, New Jersey

Dog Paw Print


     I know it's been two yrs. since you passed, Chelsea, but we still miss you and think of you all the time. Mommy, daddy, Jason, Nick, grandmom and Jack. I wrote this the night you passed, I still cry when I read it.

Chelsea was put to sleep tonight
I held her in my arms so tight
I kissed her and hugged her
and said good-bye
my heart was broken
I sat and cried
It hurt so bad,
it hurt so deep,
the night they put my Chelsea to sleep

I feel so alone, I feel so sad
she was the best friend I ever had
The house is so empty with Chelsea gone
This was supposed to be her home

Her bowls are missing,
the windows are clean,
her dog hair and bones,
no where to be seen.
Her collar, her leash
her bone and brush,
I gathered up in a somber hush

I placed them in a box of old,
I open it, her stories told.
All the memories I shall keep
of the night they put my Chelsea to sleep.

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