In Loving Memory of Coker

In Loving Memory of

Beloved Pet of
Christy and Ricky

Born March 1987
Died November 21, 2001

Leicester, North Carolina

Cat Paw Print


     From the moment I saw her, I knew Coker was special...a blue Himalayan with an "attitude"...turns out she was a male....but I didnt care...from all the hiding in the bags to the lovings you gave your moma to pointing out the cheese in the refrigerator..all the attitudes you gave out were moments to treasure...I miss you bunches and I hope you are still eating your Sheba in heaven...savory duck with meaty juices...and that you have finally learned to meow instead of WOEM!! You were a sweet little man and those we carry in our hearts are never forgotten...behave yourself and Moma will see you some day...COKEDADDY!! PS I know you were really sick and needed to go, but I really do miss you!!

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