BeeGee's Memorial

In Memory of

Beloved Companion

Born 1991
Died August 22, 2001

Kansas City, Missouri

dog paw print


   BeeGee (stands for Big Guy) was most gentle giant I have ever known. I was his "mom" but he was my sweetie. He protected his family, provided laughter for everyone and had a heart as big as he was. He will be missed by his family and all the people on Harrison who knew him...even the postman! He kept all secrets whispered in his ears. He saw us only with love in his eyes. He moved over when children came into the family so they could feel the glow of love, too. He was a magnificent animal. It was a hard decision but it was the right one. He left foot prints all over our hearts. See you at the gate, Beeg, and we'll go for a walk!

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