Sami & Mystique

In Loving Memory of
Sami & Mystique

Beloved Pets of
Brian Beeching

Born October 2000
Died April 1, 2003

Born April 2000
June 14, 2003

St. Paul, Minnesota


     At 06/14/03 around 21:15, Mystique left this world for the next. I held her in my arms after the euthanasia injection as she took her last breaths, and eventually went limp as she died. I spent every day for the past 3+ years with her, and he let me be there as he gave her the shot and she slowly died while I held her for the last time. I then placed her on the exam table and placed the towel over her that we had brought in her carrier, and cried. After nearly 10-20 mins of crying, we finally left the place, leaving her dead body to be cremated by the vets.
     This is the 2nd death of a rat, Sami as you know died on April 1st sometime in the middle of the night while I slept and I awoke to find a corpse. There isn't anything I can think of that will make me feel better.

     Poem for Sami

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