In Loving Memory of

Beloved Pet of
Shirley-Anne, and Family

Born June 1991
Died December 22, 2002

Lansing, Michigan


Dearest Valentine,
     I remember the day we got you. About a week earlier i had written mom and dad a letter saying how i wanted a kitten. I would name him Valentine. I was 5. Dad called one day, and told mom and me and katy to come visit him. We were taken to the Humane Society, and i got to pick out my Valentine. I walked in the room and i saw you. You were my Valentine. We went through a lot of things, both good and bad. Through everything you were my friend. The only cat who came when called by name. The only cat who would walk with the family around the neighborhood. You were the best. I wish i could have you back, but i know that you're pouncing around up in heaven.
                              All the Love in The World

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