In Memory of

Beloved Companion
Shirley-Anne *mommy*,
Allen *daddy*, Katy-Rose *Aunt*, David *Friend*,
Grandma *Cuddle Buddy*,
Mom *Friend*,
Great Grandma *Friend*,
Grandpa *Friend*

Born March 2002
Died April 2002

Lansing, Michigan


    You were my baby. My little baby Ethelle. Mom and Dad didn't know Ii got you until the day after, but they still liked you a whole big bundle. You were my happy little bunny. I never cared if you had an accident on the floor because you learned to use the litter box so well. You were my first bunny. I loved watching you and Tigger run around my room, and seeing you play with those keychains, and get up on your back legs to investigate things. I will miss you so much. Thank you so much for being my baby ethey, the bestest bunny that Ii could have ever met. I hope the short 8 weeks of your life were good, and I hope you loved me as much as I loved and still love you.
   We love you Ethelle.
   We miss you, baby.
   Love, All of us.

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