In Loving Memory of

Beloved Pet of
The Price Family

Born October 27, 2001
Died October 14, 2003

Franklin, Massachusetts


Earth lie lightly on dear Kenya
for he always tread gently on you.

     Kenya, it is an unspeakable tragedy that you have been taken from us so soon and so unexpectedly. Your unbounded joy of life, your warmth, your sensitivity, your constant and unconditional love have been at the core of this, your family, since you became a part of us such a short time ago. Your outer beauty is exceeded only by the inner beauty of your soul which shall always and forever remain a part of each of us until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.

     We will always love you and we miss you desperately.

                                    Your family forever,
Dad, Mom, Jen, John, Jess and Rudy

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