Spencer 2002

In Memory of
Spencer Beebop
Furball Tracy

Faithful Friend
and Companion of
Ginny Pickard

Born March 4, 1986
Died October 9, 2002

Indianapolis, Indiana

Baby Spencer
Baby Spencer
I said goodbye to a faithful friend yesterday, and today we are laying his body to rest.

I held him as his spirit left this world, and he went peacefully and quietly without even a sigh. Spencer spent the last few months fighting a battle that he was destined to lose, but he stayed as long as he could in order to give me more time with him.

He spent many hours nestled on my chest up under my chin, purring and touching me gently with his nose or a paw, letting me know he loved me. I spent many hours stroking his fur and talking to him and kissing him, letting him know I loved him.

He was my constant companion through many years, sharing my joy and comforting my sadness. Now when the greatest sadness and grief is upon me, he isn't here, and I must thank God for giving me Goofy to help soothe the pain. He is missing him too, and though I can't explain to him where his brother is, I think he knows.

The greater the love, the stronger the grief, but I would never trade one minute of my time with Spencer for anything. I will miss him terribly, and because he was such a large part of my life he has left a gaping hole with his passing. But I know he has gone on to Heaven. Even now he is with my beloved Grandpa who named him, my dog Missy who spent many cold winter nights curled up at the foot of my bed with him, and my long-lost Pride and Whiskers who just met him.

Someday I will join them and others who will go before me in Heaven where we will all be together forever, never to be separated again. Until then my memories and my love will have to sustain me.

I will miss you, Spencer. My faithful companion and friend. I love you with all my heart and soul and I lay your earthly remains to rest here in the knowledge that your spirit is now free.

Thank You Lord for giving me the gift of Spencer, even if it was only for a time. And thank You for giving me the strength to send him home to you now.


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