Sweet Pea & Rudy

In Loving Memory of
Sweet Pea

Beloved Pet of
Sheri, Murphy, Aberdeen,
Rudy, Wilton, Jackson,

Birth Date Unknown
Died March 29, 2003

Chicago, Illinois


     Please help me celebrate the life of my dear old friend Sweet Pea who passed away on Saturday, March 29. We spent a decade of our lives together.
     Sweet Pea was a stray Boxer — thin, full-grown, in-heat, scratched up and hand-shy — when she came into my care. That was ten years ago and I had the best intentions of finding her a loving home. And I guess I did because she weaseled her way into my heart and never left my side.
      The more time we spent together, the more we bonded. We worked together through months and years of training. And, now that I look back, I realize that she had trained me. She was never the type of dog that I ever thought I "wanted." She was food-aggressive and dog-aggressive ... She sent many of her former playmates to the emergency room. Yet she was beautiful, athletic, snuggly and full of life and love.
      Anyone who ever met Sweetie, practically forgot about the other 12 animals who share my home. She always stole the show... she greeted each human with so much energy that she made everyone feel as though they were the most important creature that ever lived. She had that much charisma and charm. In her greeting process, she chipped at least one tooth, peed on hundreds of shoes and pant legs and snagged more than a few garments. But, to know Sweet Pea was to love her.

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