In Loving Memory of

Beloved Pet of
Neal & Linda Casey

Born January 29, 1989
Died August 1, 2004

Stickney, Illinois



A tribute to my friend Cy

As you prepare for the journey there is so much I want to say. I know I keep saying don't go, please don't go. I realize you must make the journey and I so want to make it with you. I always thought I would make it first that way I could make it easier for you, but that is in God's hands now. Promise me you will wait in the meadow for me, playing with all your new friends and enjoying your newfound health. We have shared so many wonderful years since you arrived so small that you fit in the palm of my hand and you had no voice just a little squeak and you grew to be "the man". The one who slept in my lap, the one who brought so much comfort but yet was so aloof but never missed a meal. When it was time to go to Florida you would hide from me yet when we arrived you went on critter patrol and were so proud of your catches after laying on the lanai in wait. Your brother always looked at you in amazement, he just couln't master your skills. You always were the leader even though you were the runt, but when you get to the meadow there will be a new "Sheriff" in town, I know that. Remember how many times I have told you, "You're in charge", don't ever forget that.

Cy, when you get to the meadow be on the lookout for me just as you did for the critters. I will meet you just this side of heaven at a place called Rainbow Bridge. Listen for the "Cy come quick, come quick" call. Have a safe and easy journey. I love you.

Cy made the journey on Sunday August 1, 2004 at three in the afternoon, he left from my arms as I held him and caressed him. So long buddy, see you soon.

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