In loving memory of Leo

In Loving Memory of

Beloved Pet of
Our Family

Born May 25, 2001
Died July 20, 2003

Buc, France


     Léo was born May 25th to Tchai, our 1-year-old siamese. Since Tchai had been on the pill we were expecting stillborn kittens. However we were blessed with four adorable, lively babies: Cassidy, Belluga, Willow and Léo. Cassidy and Belluga went to other families but Léo and Willow stayed with us.
Léo loved to sleep cuddled against your side. He loved hunting in the garden catching mice (and bringing them back home), playing with his brother Willow. He sometimes had little fights with Kimi, his older "brother," but he was a happy loved cat.
     His favorite food was chicken. He used to sit on the back of the chairs at dinner and beg for scraps. He loved to taste everything from melon to sole fish. He was a bit of a sissy and was afraid of bees, shoes, noises and a lot of other things. He liked to sleep under our beds during the day, then crawl into bed with us for the night.
Léo had been missing for a day and a half when we started worrying. He was found dead on a nearby construction site, apparently from a fall.
We love you Léo and we'll never forget you, how soft your fur was and how sweet you were. We were blessed with you for over 2 years, and although we wish it'd have lasted longer. We hope you didn't suffer and we're sorry if you have. We know we have a Guardian Angel watching over us now.
You will be missed.

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