In Loving Memory of Buddy

In Loving Memory of

Beloved Pet
of Kim

Born March 12, 1993
Died March 17, 1998

New Castle, Delaware

Dog Paw Print


   buddy was a great cat. i called him buddy because he was always with me and he was like my little buddy.he was a really healthy cat until one day me and my family came home one night on christmas eve and he was under my daughter's bed. he was having seizures, i knew there was something wrong with him so i took him to the vet. he had to stay there for a couple days and when he came home he was better. but a couple days after his birthday he had seizures and we took him to the vet again but the vet wasn't there so we had to wait a while and the vet doctor came and took buddy over night but that night he die peacfully in his rest. we love him dearly and miss him alot also.

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