In Loving Memory of Beehtoven

In Loving Memory of

Beloved Pet
of Samantha

Born June 7, 1999
Died November 19, 2002

Newcastle, Delaware

Dog Paw Print


   Beehtoven was a good dog. He let us know when people came to the door .Also he loved playing chase with me and my cousins.One day he would not eat any food that was strange because he always ate, but the craziest thing was him and mandy were close and we thought he was depressed, then he could not walk right and would not drink then we new he was not depressed so we took him to the vet and he had crystals in his pee so we had had to rush him to this other place were they keep him then he stayed there a couple nights and then they said he was geting better but that night his kidney bursted and he threw up blood so we had to put him a sleep. We miss him so much and we cry every time we think about him.

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