In Loving Memory of Toby

In Loving Memory of

Beloved Companion
of Kim Nilan

1.5 Years Old
Died November 26, 2003
Night before Thanksgiving

Bridgeport, Connecticut

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     In the summer of 2002 Toby came into my life at a very difficult time. My mother was fighting for her life with colon cancer. Toby was a stray kitten and he decided to take up refuge in my garage. I spent many nights caring for him and his presence took the stress away while I was sitting with him due to caring for mom. In October 2002 mom died and Toby and I grew very close. He never left my side and became my inhouse cat following me everywhere and helping me through the hardest loss of my life. I finally was feeling alive again and almost happy and I came home the night before Thanksgiving to find my beloved Toby lying lifeless on my bed. He suffered a heart attack in his sleep and never suffered. I fell in love with Toby and did not understand why God would take him from me. The thought that came into my life was that God is who put Toby in my life to begin with and my faithful friend helped me live again and be happy again and when his work was done, God stretched out his arms and brought him home to his everlasting home. Now my mother will care for him until we meet again. Toby my beloved friend, I will never forget you. You are in my heart forever.

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