Paka Morton

In Loving Memory of
Paka Morton

Beloved Pet of
Bob, Marci, Kai & Kobe

Born May 1989
Died March 5, 2003

Calgary, Alberta


     The Morton family is very sad to announce the passing of their beloved Paka. Paka was taken to the Vet late Tuesday night, and after a series of diagnostic tests it was found that she was suffering from some major complications. It was suggested by the Vet that it would be in Paka's best interest to have her put down. At about 1 AM March 5, Paka passed away peacefully in the arms of Bob & Marci.

     Paka was a very loving dog that adored people and playing. She lived a very full and long life. Paka loved to cuddle with her family, go for walks or runs, car ride, camp, play ball, frisbee or stick, chase squirrels, the outdoors (especially Lake Louise), being in pictures, table scraps, milk bones & pupperonni's.

     We have so many fond memories of her and it's hard to imagine our lives without her. She will be so dearly missed by Bob, Marci, Kai & Kobe and the many others who loved and adored her.

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