Jodie's Memorial

In Memory of

Beloved Companion
Emily Stuparyk

Date of Birth: Unsure
Date of Death: Unsure

Winnipeg, MB, Canada  

Dog Paw Print


     My dearest, precious, darling JODIE! I'm preparing this memorial for you because I've never really
posted one for you in all these years that you've been gone since I was a teen. I've loved you and
missed you all these years! I know that you're in heaven right now with all the other precious animals
that I've loved and lost. I hope that you are healthy, and I know that you have forgiven me for not being
with you and holding you when you were euthanized. Mom and Dad didn't even tell me that they were
doing this. I was devastated!! I miss you and talk about you to Jim every day........You're by my side and
forever in my heart. Whenever I see a Jack Russell Terrier, I say out loud "HELLO JODIE!!" Jodie, you were so beautiful and my fondest memory of you is eating cream cheese sandwiches. LOVE!

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