Lady-lou's Memorial

In Memory of

Beloved Companion
Shannon Hudson,
Jim Harvey, Ron Hudson

Born September 2, 1984
Died July 14, 1999

Hemet, California

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   Louie was a Rhodesian Ridgeback/pit bull mix. Loved to swim, she was the runt of the litter, last to be taken of litter and as far as I know she lived the longest. 16yrs old.
   Due to circumstances out of my control she spent her last few months in Hemet, Ca., w/ my father, knowing that I could never do it—he had her put to sleep without me even getting to say Good-Bye! to my best friend! So this is my way of getting to say good-bye! She'll always be a part of me. Goodbye! louie—I'm sorry I wasn't with you at the end girl.
   I love you,
   Mom (Shannon K.Hudson), San Diego, Ca.

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