In Loving Memory of

Beloved Companion of
Donna and Frederic

Born 1992
Died 14th October 2003

Sydney, Australia


     Kushka was an adopted stray..I fell in love with her gentle ways and big green eyes.Throughout her life she suffered many an illness including cancer of the nose. She never seemed the same after surgery..Recently, she was diagnosed with both mammary and lung cancer and my heart ached for her suffering yet again!! Surgery was not an option due to her age, fragility and ensuing complications.We tended to her at home until her breathing became laboured and made that difficult decision to 'say goodbye'.
      Kushka..I so wish I had more time with you..I did not want you to suffer..you are eternally loved and forever missed.We lovingly remember your gentleness, warmth and serenity. Hope a 'guardian angel' is watching over you, my darling, princess Kushka.

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