In Memory of

Beloved Companion
of Sasha Monster

Born February 15, 1993
Died December 26, 2001

Rock Creek, Alabama


      She was a Chow/Cocker mix and all lady! She could fly over anything, loved tennis balls, cried for chocolate, was a pillow stealer and was my very best friend. My husband & I used to joke that our bed was hers & she let us sleep in her king size waterbed. I miss her with every ounce of my being and feel her in my heart. I buried her with her ball and some chocolate and I light a candle for my Sasha everynight. She can watch me from up above and see that I have left a light on for her as the flame dances in the window. I know she is happy and I am happy for her, but I can't wait to hold her again. In time, in time. I love you Sasha girl.
      Love, Mom

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