In Loving Memory of

Beloved Pet of
Tracy, Charles and Alan

Born November 1988
Died September 17, 2003

Waterloo, Alabama

Dog Paw Print


     For 13 years you were our everything. You would ride with us wherever we went, sitting like you were always meant to. You had to be right with us no matter if we swam, you would swim with us, if we fished you fetched my bobber and brought it back. You put cigarettes out as if you were a firefighter in another life. You loved to play fetch and would prance when you got the stick.
     I long to hear the clicking of your nails as you paced up and down the hallway for daddy to go to bed, the bark that was sweet yet powerful, the snore that would make me laugh.
     Reba and Pearl are looking for you, they so loved to rub up against you and holding you down to clean your ears.
     I know you didn't want to go but yet you couldn't stay any longer. My tears come and go as I miss you so. I am sorry we had to decide it was time to end your suffering and I pray you understand.
     I will forever remember how you loved us and allowed us to be your family. You owned us, we didn't own you.
     Well baby girl, you rest in peace and play with the angels until we meet again.
                           With all our love,
                           Mommy, Daddy, Charlie, Reba, Pearl, Reddog, Champ
                           We miss you

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